Decisions, Decicions… How can we best protect our Mountains?

For reasons that haven’t yet been uncovered, science tells us that average temperatures are rising more quickly in the mountains than anywhere else on earth. Despite this, just 3% of all philanthropic giving goes to environmental causes.

It’s overwhelming though, isn’t it? The number of organisations, charities and associations that exist to promote a cleaner, greener environment. You’ll fi nd mention of many of them on the pages of this magazine and on our social media channels, but who should you support? Which group best aligns with your own values and concerns? And what’s diff erent about each them?

Perhaps all this overwhelm is stopping you from getting involved? You’re motivated for change, you’re ready for action, but which group most needs your help? Or your money? As mountain lovers, you have a range of very relevant and passionate organisations to support. We’ll break down some of your options right here.


Montagne Verte

Founded in 2019 by a group of passionate locals, Montagne Verte Morzine is our valley’s very own sustainability initiative and they’ve made swift and inspiring progress over the last two years. With the aim of providing solutions for mountain residents, visitors and businesses to minimise their environmental impact whilst working to make Morzine and the surrounding valley a sustainable tourism destination, no moment has been wasted. The Montagne Verte Pacte is a great example; it helps businesses to create a personalised set of sustainably-focused decisions, whilst The Green Pages of the Montagne Verte website are a one-stop-shop for eco-friendly product purchasing. So much time, research and knowledge has been ploughed into Montagne Verte, it’s no wonder so many local businesses have signed up to become monthly donors.

Get Involved: montagnevertemorzine.com
Become a contributing member for €10 per month


Mountain Riders

Since 2001 Mountain Riders have been educating mountain lovers on the challenges facing our snowcapped peaks and the villages beneath them. By empowering us with knowledge and supporting the actions of communities, Mountain Riders has grown into a powerful force at a political level, where real difference can be made. Creating awareness of sustainability issues amongst holiday makers, supporting the education of young people and encouraging knowledge sharing between various mountain stakeholders are just some of the day-today jobs undertaken by this passionate team who span the length and breadth of France. Mountain Riders also lead the Flocon Vert accreditation.

Get Involved: mountain-riders.org
Make a donation from €15, become a monthly donator from €3

One Tree at a Time

With the aim of changing behaviours and protecting our mountain environments one tree at a time, this organisation seeks to remove any feelings of overwhelm by breaking down the environmental crisis through community events. Designed for both businesses and individuals who’d like to make an impact, a business pledge, consultancy service and training courses are available, whilst a community hub delivers workshops on clothing repair, bike servicing, mountain safety and much more. A circular ski shop also helps to fund the organisation, lessening the volume of kit that ends up in landfill. Look out for Climb It For Climate events hosted by One Tree At A Time and Montagne Verte in Morzine and the surrounding valley this winter.

Get Involved: onetreeatatime.fr
Make a one-off donation or become a monthly donor from just €5 per month


Protect our Winters

Turn your passion into action. That’s the message from POW founder Jeremy Jones, who watched the snow slowly disappear from some of his favourite mountain resorts. Spurred into action in 2007, POW is now a global organisation with various different chapters across the world fronted by passionate mountain lovers. POW France published a really powerful message this year; “Instead of chasing perfection, let’s pursue progress.” The outdoor community has the passion, information and resources to make a huge difference and POW France are supported by some of the biggest personalities in snow sports. If you’re UK-based, there are a number of ways you can support the snowline for future generations through POW UK, where campaigns, corporate partnerships and community events are plentiful.

Get Involved: Global – protectourwinters.org | France – protectourwinters.fr | UK – protectourwinters.uk
On all sites you can make a one-off or monthly donation with no minimum amount

1% for the Planet

The premise here is simple. Across the globe businesses and individuals are handing over 1% of their annual profi t or salary to tackle the climate emergency. 1% For The Planet collects these revenues and uses them to tackle our planet’s most pressing environmental issues. Since its formation in 2002, 1% For The Planet has raised nearly $300 million from 5840 members in 91 countries, distributing fi nancial resources to 4535 trusted non-profi t partners who directly work in six core areas; climate, food, land, pollution, water and wildlife. Consciously buying from businesses who donate 1% of their profi ts to tackle climate change is a great way to purchase for the planet, rather than against it.

Get Involved: onepercentfortheplanet.org
Join as an individual or as a business or make a one-off or monthly donation

World Land Trust

Here at Morzine Source Magazine paper is our product. It’s what we buy, it’s what we consume, it’s what we recycle. But is that enough? In 2018 we decided it wasn’t… that we could do more. Working with our incredible printers, we selected a paper that was both recycled and recyclable; we’re not chopping down trees to produce this magazine and that’s hugely important to us. Additionally, the purchasing of our paper supports the World Land Trust established by Sir David Attenborough in 1989 to protect the world’s most biologically significant and threatened habitats, acre by acre. On average, each issue of our magazine preserves the future of acres of land – over 2.3 million acres have been funded by the World Land Trust so far.

Get Involved: worldlandtrust.org
Buy your own acre of habitat for £100 or become a regular donator from £5 per month

Decisions, Decicions… How can we best protect our Mountains?
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