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ChaletManager Announce New Pricing Structure

ChaletManager is the clever bit of software that chalet companies use to manage bookings, guests history, transfer requirements and lots more besides. If you’re running a chalet business, you’re likely to have admin coming out of your ears. ChaletManager takes care of all your guest bookings on one system that you can access anywhere in the world, and if you’re running your chalet as a lifestyle business, that’s got to be a useful thing! Individual chalets and large resorts use ChaletManager and the new pricing structure means that it’s affordable for everyone.

Here’s how it works…

There are three different price options depending on the functionality you need. Prices start from just £0.79p per room per month. There’s no hidden charges, you pay for what you use and according to the size of your business. There’s even a 3 week free demo so you can find out exactly how ChaletManager works for you.

To find out more, contact Steve.


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