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France’s leading SIP (Structural Insulated Panel) specialists, we create bespoke eco homes that are healthy to live in and healthy for the environment.

Our properties achieve AA energy ratings, ensuring low heating bills and a minimal carbon footprint – win win for the planet and your wallet. Working in harmony with nature, we create healthier homes that circulate fresh air and retain a comfortable temperature.

We do all this by harnessing the heat energy from the ground and the air and using it to cool the building in summer and heat it in winter using minimal electricity. Our integrated eco systems allow our projects to easily conform with French environmental regulations RE2020.

So how do we do it?

SIP structure

High performance pre-fabricated construction panels create a structure much stronger than traditional timber frame. The SIP panels are precision-engineered with boundless design capabilities and a negative carbon footprint due to the manufacturing process and recyclable materials. They create a fully airtight envelope which is highly insulated with minimal heat loss. This allows us to control indoor air quality and temperature and engineer a building that’s healthier to live in.

Mechanical Ventilation & Heat Recovery (MVHR)

Contaminants, toxins and allergens are filtered out of the incoming air, and humid air from kitchens and bathrooms is efficiently extracted, leaving good quality fresh air circulating to the whole house through a system of ducts and fans. Instead of being extracted and wasted, the heat from the outgoing air is transferred to warm up the incoming cold air. On the other hand, homes relying on ‘natural ventilation’ like window trickle vents and holes or cracks can retain stale, humid air and lose heat.

Air source heat pump

These work at least 3 times more efficiently than gas boilers – they extract heat energy from the air (even in extremely cold temperatures of -20degrees) and transfer it to heat the chalet’s tap water and underfloor heating.

Canadian Well

A completely passive method of heating the air coming into the building through underground pipes, using the earth’s natural geothermal energy.

Underfloor heating, triple glazing, solar reflective glass, solar collectors and photovoltaic panels are also integrated to achieve a building that works, breathes and stays warm – just like its residents.

Why us?

Building a dream home requires a team you can rely on. We’re a fully decennale-insured ‘maitrise d’oeuvre’ SARL. Our diverse team of designers, project managers and office staff is led by architect Steven Downs who has over 20 years’ experience building eco homes in France. We can oversee your project right from the drawing board, with full or partial project management tailored to your needs. Using mood boards, sketches, 3D models and plans, we help you envision your dream home before it becomes a reality. Every element is planned in minute detail and you can track each step online, from tendering to site progress, using our unique software.

Whatever stage in your project you are at – contact us to see how we can work together.

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