New Kids Centre for Avoriaz

As Avoriaz becomes even more popular amongst families with children of all ages, there’s now a real need for extra childcare and family facilities in the resort. A new school, creche and day care facility are to be built in Avoriaz, slap bang in the centre. With a budget of over €4.2 million, the building will match the resort’s existing architectural styles and construction is expected to begin in April 2016, to be finished during the autumn of 2017.


THE SCHOOL – Replacing the existing porta-cabins in which the kids of Avoriaz have been having lessons for years, the new school will double the existing size and also offer after-school activities in addition to school meals.

THE CRECHE – Replied upon by parents who work seasonally in Avoriaz, 21 places will be available instead of 15 in the new facility.

THE DAY CARE CENTRE – Aimed exclusively at tourists, the new facilities will increase the number of available spaces from 30 to 50 and includes both indoor and outdoor areas.

Check out the plans below…


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