Avoriaz Apartments get a New Lease of Life

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We love the apartments in Avoriaz for their mind-bending shapes and the way they look perched up on the Avoriaz cliffs. But they’re not often renowned for their spaciousness, stylish decor, cosy atmosphere or wow-factor. But that’s all about to change. Avoriaz estate agent and property developer, Immobilier des Hauts Forts, has announced some big plans to inject a new lease of life into some Avoriaz structures and apartments that could do with a little love.


Avoriaz Holidays

A sneak peak of what we can expect from Les Alpages apartments.

The company has acquired taken on a full renovation project of the Alpages apartments in the Crozats sector of Avoriaz, with the aim to take them from dated, cramped cubby holes to open, homely living spaces for the modern winter holidaymaker. After all, it’s great to spend the majority of your holiday outside, but it’s equally as nice to have a warm, cosy space to relax in after a day on the slopes! The renovation will include merging several of the apartments to create a selection of more spacious residences to accommodate a range of different group sizes. And of course, in keeping with the traditional but modern style of Avoriaz, all the apartments will be fully equipped and decorated to the highest of standards.

The apartments are due to be completed in time for the winter 2019 / 20 winter season and we can’t wait to see how they look!

Avoriaz Holidays

Spacious AND stylish. Not something we often associate with apartments in Avoriaz, but that’s all changing.

And due for completion in autumn 2020 is a spectacular renovation taking place on the site of La Cabane restaurant. The eatery will be transformed into five high-end apartments complete with an in-house spa and ski room. Located in Place des Ruches, it’s within easy reach of the slopes and the resort centre and will be decked out, similarly to les Alpages, in the traditional style that Avoriaz is known for. Encompassing three levels, this prestigious development will be the first of its kind in Avoriaz and while it will exude the visual style of the resort, it will provide residents with a level of luxury that’s a cut above. Designed by renowned architect JMV Resort (who has worked on numerous Folie Douces, Alpine hotels and Avoriaz’s Chalet Alaya).

And there you have it! All projects are expected to be ready for next winter season, and we’re very excited to see the finished products. It’s great to see an established Avoriaz company helping the resort move with the times, taking on such an ambitious project and continuing to attract visitors to the resort. We’ll be bringing you updates as they progress so watch this space.

Find out more about Immobiliere des Haut Forts and their current available properties HERE. And to discover holiday rentals in Avoriaz for every budget, visit Avoriaz Holidays and Avoriaz Premium.


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