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An Important Safety Announcement…

Night Out Morzine
Photo: Mathieu Vitre

As our regular followers and readers will know, we usually only write about good stuff. And far be it for us to cast any shadow whatsoever over your beautiful, fun ski holiday in the mountains. But bear with us for just a minute.

We’ve pretty much all been guilty of sending it a bit too hard, either on the slopes or in the bar afterwards. And no doubt, we’ve all got some hilarious anecdotes about what we’ve gotten up to in the mountains after a few too many beers. Of course, most of our drunken antics result in a hangover and nothing more. But there are always a few instances that end up much worse, especially in the mountains where unforeseen dangers are aplenty.

January is the month of extreme cold temperatures and we want to make sure everyone is aware of the potential dangers of being in an Alpine environment at night, whether you’re drinking or not. Accidents can and have happened, even when completely sober, so here’s our rough guide on how to stay safe during a night out in the Alps.

Night Out Morzine

Photo: Joel Aguilar

Layer up

Because it’s cold at night – even if it hasn’t been cold in the day. Even if you’re planning to get a cab and you don’t want to pay to check your coat, it’s worth doing just in case you find yourself walking home. We can’t stress this point enough – you absolutely NEED a coat if you’re heading out in the evening.

*Hideout Hostel, Laury’s Bar and Café Chaud provide customers who’ve misplaced their coats during a night out with a stunning piece of retro outerwear for the journey home!

Safety in numbers

Sticking together is ALWAYS a good idea, for any night out anywhere. You’ll be much less likely to get lost on your way home, someone will always have battery on their phone, and there’ll be people around to go and get help should an accident occur.

It’s easy to get turned around when you’re heading back to your accommodation, especially if it starts snowing and you’ve had a few too many wines, so make sure no one goes home alone.

*At Morzine’s Cavern Bar staff are constantly watching for drinkers who get a bit carried away and they’ll never let drunk folk leave on their own. Often staff will come across people stumbling home once they’ve finished work and they’ll always try to help. Door staff are also trained to refuse anyone looking like they’ve had a bit too much fun and everyone accepts that it’s their responsibility to do all they can to keep customers safe.


Night Out Morzine

Don’t drink and ride

For obvious reasons. You could hurt yourself or worse, someone else. If you’ve had one too many up in Avoriaz, make sure you walk through town and download in the Prodains cable car, or call a cab. Even if you haven’t been drinking, riding the pistes after they’re closed means you’re in extra danger thanks to decreased visibility, snow mobiles, piste bashers and signage.

Beware the free shots

It’s not that often that you get free shots at the end of your meal, but in a ski resort it’s pretty common to be offered a genepi or poire to cap off your dinner. Same when you’ve had a few rounds at après – toffee vodka anyone? Then there’s the beers at lunch, the chalet wine, the Jager-bombs… it all adds up, even if it’s more toffee syrup than vodka.

Night Out Morzine

Photo: Lana Abie

Group mentality

While it may be a myth that altitude decreases your alcohol tolerance, science proves that we do drink more when we’re on holiday, which can be exacerbated by travelling in groups. Try and keep track of what you drink (and don’t succumb to peer pressure) so you won’t be unpleasantly surprised later in the night – or the morning!

Call a cab

If you know it’s going to be a long walk back to your accommodation, take the hassle out of a long, cold walk home and call a cab. A2Ski, Getaway Vans, Alpi Motion and Mountain Bus Company are just a few companies offering late night cabs in the area.


A2Ski – +33 (0) 6 46 89 96 11

Getaway Vans – +33 (0) 6 41 39 28 87

Alpi Motion – +33 (0) 6 38 16 80 31

Mountain Bus Company – +33 (0) 682 888 550

Night our Morzine

Photo: Pamela Saunders

Be visible

Ski resorts aren’t often known for their excellent street lighting or top quality footpaths – so if you are walking back to the chalet after dinner or a late night boogie, try and stick to well-used, well-lit paths, and look out for icy patches.

Look out for each other

If you find someone a little worse for wear out in the open at night, make sure they’re ok, whether that’s helping them back to their hotel, calling them a cab or ensuring a friend comes to pick them up. The alternative could be much worse.




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