An end to music in Ardent…

This morning the Happy Hours Bar in Ardent, which has been doubled in size for this winter, has been banned by the local Mairie from playing any music or making any noise in the village. Locals will remember that at the end of last winter, a petition was launched to bring the music back to Ardent. Victor from the Happy Hours Bar told us this morning that the Mayor of Montriond has banned all music because it causes too much disruption to the other residents and businesses of the village. Victor is worried that if there’s no music or apres fun in Ardent, skiers and snowboarders will make their way to other lift stations, meaning the other businesses of Ardent will suffer.

All scheduled apres parties, live bands and DJs have been postponed in the meantime.

A Facebook group has been launched this morning – have your say and stay up to date on developments.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Julie Hunt

    December 18, 2013 at 3:32 pm

    I have been following with interest the developments of the past few winters. While it is true to say that the Happy Hours Bar events have attracted some more visitors to the area for a few hours each day this has been to the detriment of people living close by and other users of the village who may not have been quite so keen as some, on the activities of the bar.
    It seems to me that we have several venues for loud music outdoors so people that want music do have a choice, unfortunately due to the music being played at the volume it was, anyone not frequenting the Happy Hours Bar had no choice whatsoever but to endure it, how fair is that?
    I think many people living close by, or using Ardent as an excellent point of entry into the Portes du Soleil, would not have a problem with one or two evenings per week of music to a reasonable hour , with perhaps some more varied choice as to the type of music played, but it was clear to many that the minority was dictating to the majority in trying to turn Ardent into an Ibiza style aprés ski party (yes I have been there and done that!). We can see by the choice language being used on Facebook by some to express their upset at losing the music that a reasonable discussion was difficult to achieve on the subject and having reached an ‘amicable agreement’ between the parties and local residents last spring, this agreement was clearly breached on the opening days of the season. Stating that you will start the season with a “BOOM” is not the way to keep your opponents happy, so unsurprisingly the sanctions that all parties were given warning of last spring, we put into force this past weekend.
    We too have a Facebook page aptly titled “Keep Ardent Quiet…” I hope that you would link to this, in the interest of impartial and responsible reporting

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