A Makeover for Morzine’s Alpen Roc

Image: Hotel Alpen Roc

If you live in or around Morzine, you may have seen a massive crane blocking off one of the streets near the Casino supermarket. And for once, it’s not roadworks! It’s actually the Hotel Alpen Roc getting a brand new look that’ll be ready just in time for winter.

One of the older established hotels in Morzine, the Alpen Roc already boasts a gourmet restaurant, gorgeous terrace, swimming pool and jacuzzi, as well as fully-equipped rooms for couples, families and individuals. The current renovations aim to give the hotel, literally, a total facelift, building up the front facade of the building to make space for a new reception area and bigger dining room, as well as an extra rooms upstairs and an improved ski and bike storage area. These renovations will also incorporate improved disabled access, which many of the older buildings in Morzine are lacking.

As well as improving the hotel layout and appearance, the Alpen Roc is also putting a foot forward in terms of eco-tourism. The year 2012 saw the introduction of a new Aquathermie water heating system, which uses the natural heat of the earth to heat water rather than burning fuel and releasing greenhouse gasses. At the same time, the hotel installed new, highly insulated windows with electric roller shutters, which keep in the heat, as well as block out the noise of the street below.

So if you’re looking for somewhere to stay this winter, the Alpen Roc is well worth a look-in. It provides smart, simple rooms equipped with everything you need, and is a stone’s throw from the town centre, Super Morzine and Pleney gondolas. The hotel’s incredible restaurant serves up seasonal Savoyard specialities, as well as some more fine dining options and is open to the general public, as well as hotel guests. We’ll definitely be checking it out upon its grand reopening!


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