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10 reasons to try indoor skiing

The team at The Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead are used to preparing both adults and kids for their ski holidays in the Alps. If you’re reading this article as you head back to the airport, wondering where your next fix of the slippy stuff is going to come from, here’s some reasons to keep the momentum going…

1 – The snow that falls several times a week at The Snow Centre is just as ‘real’ as the snow you’ll find on any mountain in the Alps. It behaves in exactly the same way, except you don’t have to battle against the harsh mountain winds or the ice! An indoor ski centre offers more consistency in conditions to help you progress your skiing or snowboarding skills, ready for your next ski holiday.

2 – The biggest difference between an indoor ski slope and the mountains is the length of the runs. If you’re a beginner or a progressing skier, you might find that long runs can be quite tiring. An indoor slope is much shorter, which means you can learn the basics on a manageable piste in preparation for the bigger hills on your next ski holiday!

3 – It’s possible to make snow sports part of your weekly exercise routine. Regular practice on real snow slopes is great fitness training, both before and after your ski holiday. The team at The Snow Centre offer advice on improving your all-round fitness, with exercises including cardio training, squats and lunges, core strength development and flexibility, all of which are sure to make your next ski holiday more enjoyable! Their Snow Fitness programme includes an hour of circuit style training to target the muscles you’ll need on your ski holiday, for £15 per session.

4 – Regular use of an indoor snow centre gives you a great excuse to invest in your own ski kit, and in most shops you can borrow skis and snowboards to try out before you buy. Also, buying your equipment in the UK and using it regularly on an indoor slope means you can return it to the shop if you have any problems. And of course you can then wear your boots in and get used to them before you hit the mountains.

5 – Indoor skiing is the perfect preparation for children. Before you spend money on that first family ski holiday, it’s worth finding out whether your children will take to skiing, snowboarding and the temperatures first. The Snow Centre offers children’s beginner lessons at convenient times, with an emphasis on fun as well as learning. A family slope pass package at The Snow Centre includes an hour of slope time and a free soft drink in the café for £79 for the whole family.

6 – One on one instruction is the best way to gain progression. If you feel that you’ve reached a plateau in your skiing or snowboarding abilities during your holiday, or if you’ve lost a bit of confidence, a couple of sessions with a private instructor is sure to get you back on track.

7 – Snow-sports are getting social. The Snow Centre host Ladies’ Mornings twice a week for like-minded women to ski together, while Adult’s Only sessions also take place on three nights each week. But by far the most social events are on Thursday and Friday evenings when freestyle parks are created on the main slope and the number of spectators creates a great atmosphere.

8 – Indoor snow centres have become a breeding ground for new British talent. Sponsored competitions by big snow-sports brands such as Westbeach and Burton are now common place up and down the UK, giving talented, up and coming girls and boys the chance to demonstrate their skills and potentially make a career out of them.

9 – If you’re one of those skiers or snowboarders who’s other half or group of mates really don’t understand what the fuss is about, take them to The Snow Centre. They’ll soon get the bug and you’ll then be able to easily persuade them to join you on your annual ski holiday.

10 – Ultimately, you’ll have a better time on your next ski holiday if you keep skiing or snowboarding at regular intervals when you return to the UK. You’ll be more experienced, so you’ll be able to push your limits and achieve new things. You’ll also be fitter, so more able to take advantage of full days without getting tired, and you’ll be less likely to sustain an injury.

Find out more about The Snow Centre at Hemel Hempstead on their website or e-mail e-mail@thesnowcentre.com

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