Lifecycol at Chalet Avenir

The beautiful Chalet Avenir is the home of Amy and Ian Johnston and our business, Lifecycol.Lifecycol is about progress in life through adventures, in an inspirational mountain landscape.

This is the mantra that we live by and our aim is to support others in their adventures, whatever they may be, in this awesome Alpine playground.

In the winter months we offer a comfortable, welcoming base for those who’d like to experience snowy adventures.

During the inter-season and summer months we’re about all things cycling and fitness, our true passions. We offer pre-organised, structured cycling and fitness breaks, as well as exclusive use, personalised breaks designed for your specific group.

As sportspeople ourselves, we know that each individual is different, with their own level of fitness, comfort zone and unique aspirations. We will accommodate and support all levels of fitness and experience within the cycling or fitness realm; don’t worry, just enjoy every step of the adventure.

At Lifecycol we are also very passionate about our food! Your body is your home, and nutrition, especially in the realm of sport and fitness, is extremely important. This is why, whatever the reason for your stay with us, we will always feed you meals that have been selected for their quality nutrition, personal meaning, and of course, tastiness!

Lifecycol are genuinely excited about our ongoing mountain adventures and we can’t wait to help you with yours…

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